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Environmental Services from Aquatonics Ltd

Formed in 1982 (as Aquatic Environmental Consultants) Aquatonics Ltd is one of the longest established ecological and environmental consultancies in the UK. We are committed to providing our clients with everything they need to allow them to meet their environmental goals. This usually means open dialogue with a range of interested parties.

We specialise in Environmental Impact Assessments of projects which may affect rivers, estuaries and coastal waters.

We Provide the Following Services to our Clients:

Wildlife Photography

Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA & EcIA)

Ecological Surveys

Biotope and Habitat Mapping using RTK GPS and Laser Scanning

Assessment of Ecological Quality in Relation to the Water Framework Directive

Literature Reviews

Applying for wildlife licences and licences for marine works


Consultations With Interested Parties

Finding Specialists

Expert Witness - Water Pollution & Fish Kills

Fish Health, Physiology and Welfare

Forensic Analysis of Organisms on Bones etc



Types of Survey Undertaken


1. River Corridor Surveys

2. Freshwater Invertebrates, including BMWP and species level

3. Birds of river corridors

4. Electro-fishing

5. Botanical surveys


1. Algae (seaweeds)

2. Intertidal invertebrates, using cores

3. Subtidal invertebrates, using grabs or cores

4. Wader prey

5. Bird surveys


1. Cetaceans (whales & dolphins)

2. Birds

3. Fish

4. Diver surveys

5. ROV and drop down video

6. Sediment sampling for contaminants

7. Seaweed surveys to meet the requirements of the Water Framework Directive


1. Botanical surveys

2. Invertebrates
eg Desmoulin's Whorl Snail, Vertigo moulinsiana

3. Birds

We can also provide advice on toxicity testing of waters and sediments, and on a wide range of chemical analyses of waters, sediments and biota.


We have worked in a variety of countries and have a special interest in the Middle East. Click here if you would like to see a summary of our Middle East work.

We have developed an Excel spreadsheet to calculate the amount of un-ionised ammonia present. You just need the temperature that the sample was taken at, the pH and the total ammonia. If you would like a free copy of the ammonia spreadsheet e-mailed to you as an attached file please send an e-mail (giving your name and organisation or school/college) to us at

We believe that we have particular skills in consultations, especially for projects which may generate local concerns about possible impacts. We often help clients to liaise effectively with various interested parties, including:

Regulatory Bodies, eg Environment Agency, JNCC, Natural England (formerly English Nature), CEFAS/DEFRA, SOAEFD
Local Authorities
Environmental Groups, eg RSPB

In the past we have helped clients with videos, booklets, leaflets, and exhibitions. We regularly use photo libraries to source suitable images, and also have some in-house facilities (see our web pages PHOTOS). We have expertise in wildlife photography both in the UK and overseas and provide high quality stills and video footage.

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