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Nationality: British.

Date of Birth: February 1968.

Marital Status: Married.


Dr Wilson has 15 years of coastal zone management experience in Indo-Pacific Ocean and Wider Caribbean specialising in environmental impact assessments and coral reef management. Key areas of experience are:

Coastal zone EIA specialist (tourism, oil & gas, power, desalination, fertiliser, sugar industries, ports & harbours, dredging, and aquaculture). Design and implementation of monitoring and mitigation programs.

Preparation and implementation of management plans at national, district and site levels including the development of reef, marine protected area (MPA) and national biodiversity strategy, management and action plans.

Specialist in coral reef management; specific expertise in the mitigation of human impacts, assessment of natural threats and human uses, reef fisheries, artificial reefs, eco-tourism, and public awareness.

Tourism development, particularly tropical coastal eco-tourism.

Tourism development, particularly tropical coastal eco-tourism.

Training in coastal biodiversity, mapping and survey techniques.

Oil pollution assessment, expert witness and environmental observing.

Renewable energy policy and production methods, specialising in biofuels


Indian Ocean (including Red Sea and Arabian Gulf): British Indian Ocean Territory (Chagos), Eritrea, Maldives, Oman, Qatar, Sudan, Tanzania (incl. Zanzibar), United Arab Emirates, Yemen.

Pacific Ocean: Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand.

Atlantic: Bahamas, Belize, Dominican Republic. Africa: South Africa, Zambia, Lesotho.


BA (Honours), Zoology (1991). Queen’s College, Oxford University, UK.

MSc Tropical Coastal Management (Distinction) (1993). Newcastle University, UK. Dissertation on coral bleaching supervised by Dr Barbara Brown.

PhD (2006) Warwick University, UK.‘Ecology of Coral Communities in a Marginal Environment: Southern Arabia’supervised by Dr Charles Sheppard.


BSAC Dive Leader. SCUBA diver for 18 years

OPITO: Basic Offshore Survival Skills


International Society for Reef Studies (ISRS)

Marine Biological Association of the UK (MBA)

Member of Environment Society of Oman (ESO)

Member of International Ecotourism Society (TIES)

Founding member of the Indian Ocean Research and Conservation Association (IORCA), UK

Founding member of the African Sustainable Fuel Centre (ASFC), South Africa


English – native; French - good; Spanish - basic. Arabic - basic


Wilson, S. C. 2006. Ecology of coral communities in a marginal environment: Southern Arabia. Ph.D. thesis, Department of Biological Sciences, Warwick University, Warwick. CV4 7AL. UK.

Schils, T., Wilson, S. C. & Chepurnov, V. A. in press. Diatom mediated mortality in gorgonians from the Gulf of Oman, northwestern Indian Ocean. Journal of Phycology.

Schils, T. & Wilson, S. C. in press. Effect of Temperature on the biogeography of macrophytes in the Indian Ocean. Journal of Phycology.

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Al-Jufaili, S., Al-Jabri, M., Al Baluchi, A., Baldwin, R. M., Wilson, S. C., West, F. R., Matthews, A. D. 1999. Human Impacts to Coral Reefs in the Sultanate of Oman. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 49 (suppliment A): 65-74.


Rezai, H., Wilson, S. C., Claereboudt, M. & Riegl, B. 2004. Status of Coral Reefs in the ROPME Region: Arabian Gulf, Gulf of Oman and Arabian Sea. In: Status of Coral Reefs of the World: 2004. Clive Wilkinson (Editor). Australian Institute of Marine Science, Australia.

Wilson, S. C., Fatemi, S.M.R. Shokri, M. R. & Claereboudt, M. 2003. Status of Coral Reefs in the Persian/Arabian Gulf and Arabian Sea Region. In: Status of Coral Reefs of the World: 2002. Clive Wilkinson (Editor). Australian Institute of Marine Science, Australia.

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Wilson, S. C., Matthew, M., Austin, G. & von Blottnitz, H. 2005. Review of the Status of Biodiesel Related Activities in South Africa. Report for the City of Cape Town, South Africa. pp 76.

Infield, M., Wilson, S. C., Al Deen, I. S. 2000. Report of the Final Evaluation Mission – Conservation and sustainable use of Biodiversity of Socotra Archipelago (YEM/96/G32/B/1G/31). Report to UNOPS/UNEP/UNDP.

Wilson, S. C. (Editor). 2000. National Marine Biodiversity Action Plan for Oman. Report to Biodiversity Section, DG Protected Areas, Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Environment, Oman.

Wilson, S.C., Baldwin, R., & Harvey, R. 1996 Oman Coral Reef Management Plan: Detailed Fieldwork Results. Report to Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Environment, Sultanate of Oman.


Jun 2006 – present. Qatar. Environmental Advisor. Cansult Limited. Provision of environmental advice to project master-planning, sustainable development and assessment of eco-tourism potential of the site to carry a population of 100,000 in the buffer zone of a proposed Man and Biosphere Reserve in NE Qatar. Project manager for the associated EIA.

May 2006 – present. Oman. Scientific Officer. IORCA. Head scientist to strengthen the management of the Daymaniyat Nature Reserve MPA, Northern Oman. Key duties include design of mapping and monitoring program, production of habitat maps, assistance with the development of an updated management plan, consultation with stakeholders and training of Omani counterparts.

Jan 2006 – present.South Africa. Renewable Energy Advisor. African Sustainable Fuels Centre. Manager of two projects focusing on biodiesel production and use in Southern Africa. ‘Introducing biodiesel to the City of Cape Town’, funded by WISIONS, aims to stimulate supply and demand for biodiesel in the Western Cape by engaging with the Municipalities and its contractors and raise awareness of biofuels generally. ‘Facilitating Access to Finance for Small-scale Biodiesel Production’, funded by REEEP, focuses on SMEs in Zambia, Lesotho and Tanzania.

Aug – Dec 2005. Oman. Senior Marine Biologist. Oman LNG LLC. Project manager for a marine environmental baseline survey for a coastal LNG plant in the Gulf of Oman with a focus on intertidal & subtidal habitats (rocky shore and coral communities), sediment and water quality, and the response of bioindicators to pollution.

July – Oct 2005. Oman. Senior Environmental Consultant. Private client. Contributed to strategic EIA for a large coastal urban development (Blue City) on the northern coast of Oman. Specific inputs were provided on international standards, the environmental management process, sustainability issues, coastal processes, leading onto the Phase 1 EIA.

Jan – March 2005. South Africa. Environmental Consultant. UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office/City of Cape Town. Conducted a review of the status of biodiesel in South Africa under UK Governments’ Global Opportunities Fund (Climate Change) program.

Dec 2004. South Africa. Environmental Consultant. Agulhas & Somali current LME Project. Provided information for Somalia and Yemen to plan a GEF project to manage the Large Marine Ecosystems of the Western Indian Ocean.

June 04. Maldives. Environmental Tourism Specialist. Private client. Advised on best environmental practices for design, construction and operation of tourism resorts on three islands. Particular emphasis was placed on site assessments; strategies for water and power generation; waste management; conservation activities; mitigation measures.

Nov 2003 – May 04. Oman. Tourism Master Planning (Environmental Expert) DG Tourism, Ministry of Commerce & Industry. Provided environmental advice to a tourism master plan for the Ra’s Al Hadd area of Oman, a globally important turtle nesting area. Specific duties included identifying attractions, providing best practices for development and operation of accommodation and tours, comparison of turtle watching operations around the world, and review of final plans.

April – Dec 2003. Sudan. Marine Protected Area Planner. PERSGA/Wildlife Administration, Sudan. A management plan was developed for Sudan’s first marine protected area, Sanganeb Atoll, one of seven new marine parks in the Red Sea. Emphasis was placed on developing sustainable financing of the park’s operations based on eco-tourism (diving) as well as conserving and monitoring the parks unique reef system.

Feb – May 2003. Oman. Coastal Aquaculture EIA Specialist. Private Client. Project manager for an EIA of a 200 ha shrimp farm development in Northern Oman. Project tasks include: conducting scoping study, site survey, identification of impacts and appropriate mitigation measures, and the development of an environmental management system.

Sept 2002 – Jan 2006. Oman. Senior Marine Scientist. Oman India Fertiliser Company (OMIFCO). Designed and managed marine surveys and monitoring at a fertiliser plant. Specific components included algae and coral monitoring, coral stock assessments and habitat requirements, seawater quality (real-time turbidity) monitoring and meteorology during construction.

Aug 2002 – Aug 2003. Oman. Air and Marine Water Quality Specialist. Oman Refinery Company (ORC). Environmental engineer designing and managing surveys of air quality (NOx, SOx, dust, noise) and marine water quality for an EIA of an extension to the refinery’s facilities (DHDS and MTBE units).

Aug 2002. Brunei. Underwater Acoustic Engineer. Brunei Shell Petroleum (BSP). Environmental acoustic engineer conducting research on the impacts of seismic surveying to reef fish. Duties included recording seismic airgun emissions, reef surveys and report writing.

July 2002. Malaysia. Coral Reef Management Specialist. Sabah Parks Trustees. The project extended earlier research on the detection of fish blasting using hydrophones, and demonstrated that accurate determination of blast direction is feasible. Specific duties included consultations with potential end users (i.e. Government, International organisations and private sector) and report writing.

April 2002. Oman. Marine Mammal Observer (MMO). Private ClientEnvironmental observer aboard seismic vessel conducting 3000 km survey in the Gulf of Oman. Main duties include keeping watch for marine wildlife, monitoring compliance with Omani environmental legislation and recording interactions with fishing gear.

Feb – March 2002. Yemen. Marine Protected Areas Advisor. UNOPS/GEFA. 3-week mission to provide on site training in marine protected area (MPA) management and monitoring coral reefs to Yemeni managers on Socotra Island.

July – Nov 2001. Thailand. Environmental Management Specialist. Private Client. Design and implementation of an environmental management plan for two shrimp farms operating in Eastern Thailand. A research capability was established to test new products and management systems to reduce environmental impacts. Farm management software was further developed to control effluent quality and chemical inputs.

June 2001. Qatar. Marine EIA Specialist. Qatar Petroleum (QP). Preparation for an EIA addressing impacts from a gas recycling facility in the eastern Qatari EEZ. Major components included a description of the existing environment, water and sediment quality, ecological surveys, assessment of impacts and recommendations for their mitigation and monitoring. Advice was given relating to environmental management systems (EMS), ISO 14001 and oil spill planning.

April 2001. Oman. Marine EIA Specialist. Private Client. Conducted an EIA for seismic surveys in two offshore concession blocks in eastern Oman. The main issues covered included international and national legislation and guidelines, analysis of climate, oceanography, impact to sensitive species and fisheries.

March 2001. Oman. Coral Reef Specialist. Ministry of Transport & Housing (MoTH). Conducted coastal survey for an EIA of a port at Khasab and a harbour at Kumzar, Musandam, Oman.

Feb – March 2001. Chagos Archipelago. Coral Reef Specialist. BIOT Administration, UK. Conducted a survey of coral reefs around the Chagos Archipelago, in the Central Indian Ocean to measure the rates of coral recruitment and recovery following mass coral mortality in 1998.

Feb 2001. Dominican Republic. Marine Biologist. Private Client. Conducted a marine baseline survey for a port development. The site is located on a coral reef and close to a major tourist area on the southern coast of Dominican Republic. Reef resources and their use patterns were assessed and a habitat map of the development area was generated based on aerial photography.

Jan 2001. Qatar. Marine EIA Specialist. Qatar Petroleum (QP). Preparation for an EIA addressing impacts from dredging of new and existing approach channels to Masaieed Industrial City, SE Qatar. Project components included water and sediment quality analysis, marine ecology, assessment of impacts, and recommendations for their mitigation and monitoring.

Nov 2000. United Arab Emirates. Marine Biologist, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA). As part of the EIA for a power/desalination plant located in a protected area, a baseline marine survey was conducted to produce a habitat map, and an initial impact assessment on the marine habitats in the area (algal and seagrass beds, coral communities and oyster beds).

Oct 2000. Yemen. Independent Evaluator (Marine Specialist). UNOPS/GEF Marine Specialist to appraise a US$5M, 5-year GEF/UNEP Biodiversity Conservation Project on the island of Socotra, Yemen. Duties included assessment of the project’s contribution to sustainable use of marine resources, environmental education and awareness and eco-tourism using participatory appraisals with key stakeholders (local and government), and project implementation unit (PIU and CTA).

May – Sept 2000. Oman. EIA specialist – Marine Environment. Private Client. An environmental assessment of a proposed five star hotel and approach road development was made, leading to an environmental impact statement and recommendations to mitigate potential impacts due to the development. The site is located in a protected area with important coral reefs, turtle nesting beaches and archaeology.

May – Sept 2000. Oman. EIA Specialist – Marine Environment. Private Client. Responsible for components (extreme conditions, marine environment, meteorology, and oil spill contingency planning) of an EIA for a gas test well in the Straits of Hormuz. Particular attention was paid to the strategic importance of the test site, oil spill contingency planning, and potential disruption to international shipping.

April – June 2000. Oman. Environmental Monitoring Muscat Municipality. Beach and mangrove monitoring during the construction of a coastal road through a protected area. Work included determining sediment dynamics, mineralogy of beach sands, water quality monitoring in mangroves, monitoring mangrove trees and site inspections.

March 2000. Bahamas. Marine Protected Areas Planner. BREEF/ Department of Fisheries. Consultant commissioned to assist in the planning of a system of fisheries reserves in Bahamas. A government policy was developed to provide the framework for the reserves based on community management principles. Other duties included consultation with government departments, fishing communities, NGOs, research institutes etc.

Dec 99 – Jan 2000. Oman. Environmental Consultant. Private Client. Preparation of Environmental Impact Statement and Environmental Management Plan for Seismic operations in the Arabian Gulf.

Dec 1999 – May 2000. Oman. National Biodiversity Strategy & Action Plan. Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Environment (MRME). National marine expert on the drafting committee (UNDP/GEF/IUCN project OMA/97/G31). Chairman of national marine environment committee assembled to develop Oman’s response to the International Conventional on Biological Diversity (CBD).

Nov 1999. Oman. Coral Reef Scientist. Scientific Expedition to Masirah Island. Investigated taxonomy and growth rates of corals around Masirah Island. Assisted in the sampling, identification and curation of coral for a collection to be housed Sultan Qaboos University, Oman.

Sept 1999 – Sept 2002. Oman. Environmental Monitoring. DG Ports & Maritime Affairs, Ministry of Communications. Senior scientist monitoring impacts from dredging and construction on water quality, fisheries and mangroves in an area being developed at Sohar, northern Oman. Specific tasks include the supervision of water quality laboratory, analysis and interpretation of results, monitoring mangrove habitat, consultation with local fishing communities, application of London Convention permit (offshore dumping of dredge spoil).

August 1999. Malaysia & Indonesia. Coral Reef Scientist. University of Science & Technology, Hong Kong. Undertook research to develop an innovative hydrophone sensor to monitor dynamite fishing. Specific tasks included liaison with coastal communities engaged in blast fishing, measurement of underwater sound, chairing a seminar in Indonesia and publication of results.

July 1999. Sabah, Malaysia. Project DirectorSabah Parks Authority, Sabah State Government. Continuation of a long-term (since 1987) coral reef monitoring project in a marine protected area. Tasks included training students and park staff in underwater survey techniques, coral taxonomy, and statistical techniques.

May – June 1999. Oman. Environmental Observer. Shell Deepwater Oman llc. On board seismic vessel during 35 day survey off the north coast of Oman. Tasks included observing seabirds and other marine wildlife, marine pollution, advising seismic crew on minimising impacts to marine environment, and interpretation of relevant Omani legislation.

Sept – Dec 1998. Oman. EIA specialist – Marine EnvironmentDG Ports & Maritime Affairs, Ministry of Communication.Responsibility for 6 components of an EIA for a large industrial port development in Oman (Sohar). Main areas of responsibility: the assessment of impacts and issues relating to dredging, fisheries, marine ecology, meteorology and oil pollution. An environmental management system was developed to control and mitigate predicted impacts.

August 1998. Indonesia. Coral Reef Management Planner. MacAlister Elliott & Partners/Wiratman & Associates Ltd. Project planning for a large coral reef management project (COREMAP) funded by IBRD/GEF and Government of Indonesia.

May 1998. Oman. EIA - Marine Environment Surveyor. Oman India Fertiliser Company (OMIFCO). Mitigation measures were required to minimise the impacts to coral reefs from development of a fertiliser plant on the coast of the Gulf of Oman.

April 1998. Oman. Fisheries Legislation Study. International Oil Pollution Compensation Fund (IOPCF). Fisheries legislation and enforcement issues in Oman were investigated for policy development on compensation following oil spills. Case studies included lobster trapping, abalone diving, inshore gillnetting and inshore trawl fisheries.

March 1998. Dubai, UAE. EIA – Marine Environment Specialist. Dubai Municipality. Preparation of an environmental impact statement (EIS) for a US$ 400 million coastal engineering project. Designs for engineering works to protect the frontage against erosion require significant offshore dredging for bulk fill materials and beach sand. An EIS was prepared for dredging works highlighting resource conflicts, e.g. water quality and fisheries.

Jan 1998. Abu Dhabi, UAE. Compliance Auditor. ADMA-OPCO. Compliance audit of a large environmental baseline study undertaken in 1997 on offshore oil installations in territorial waters of Abu Dhabi.

Jan 98 – May 1999. Oman. Coastal Resource Specialist. Department of Fisheries, Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries. Field assessments of national algal standing stocks were made using calibrated rapid assessment techniques. Responsibilities included conducting field surveys throughout Oman, training counterparts in algal taxonomy and survey techniques, analysis of data, production of GIS indicating algae resources and reporting on environmental impacts of harvesting & cultivation.

Oct - Nov 1997. Oman. Coastal Resource Surveyor. Oman Sugar Refinery Project, Oman. Conducted baseline survey of marine environment for a proposed sugar refinery development. Survey of coral communities, intertidal zone, and reef fish census lead to a habitat map required for the EIA.

July – Aug 1997. Belize. Coral Reef Specialist. Private client. Conducted baseline assessments of coastal habitats in the vicinity of a planned cage fish farm on an inner cay. Aerial photography was used to develop a habitat map of the area. Specific tasks included measurement of currents, fish counts, generating species lists, benthic transects to measure cover of main benthic elements, water quality measurements, sediment and infauna analysis.

June – July 1997. UK. Project Co-ordinator. Private client. To meet the due diligence requirements for company acquisitions, a report describing the European fish supply and processing industry was generated for an company investing in a fish-processing group.

May – June 1997. Oman. EIA – Project Leader. Oman-India Fertiliser Company (OMIFCO), llcA habitat map was generated using sea-bed features charts, bathymetric charts and aerial photography was required to plan piping corridors and jetty. Mitigation measures and a management plan were devised to minimise impacts to the marine environment during ground preparation, dredging, construction, and operation phases.

April – Mar 1997. Dubai, UAE. Marine Ecologist. Dubai Municipality, United Arab Emirates. As a component of an integrated coastal zone management plan, a marine and terrestrial ecological survey was conducted along 34 km of Dubai’s coast. The outputs included an environmental description of the area, and recommendations for mitigation during dredging and coastal protection works.

Feb 1997. Zanzibar.Study tour of the island’s seaweed industry including environmental impacts, socio-economic impacts, financial viability and research.

Jan 1996. UK and Red Sea. Expert witness – Oil Pollution. IOPC Fund. Assessments of oil pollution of two incidents: the “MV Brear” oil spill in Shetland, and the “Aquila II” grounding on the Saudi Arabian coast of the Red Sea. The assessment of “MV Braer” involved a study of a compensation claim from a supplier of smolts to the salmon industry affected by the exclusion zone. The study of the “Aquila II” incident required assessment of the environmental benefits to adjacent reefs, seagrasses and mangroves accruing from salvage.

Sept – Oct 1996. Thailand, Malaysia & Philippines. Market Researcher. Private Client. Undertook feasibility study to establish an environmental consulting office in SE Asia. The sectors investigated were: coastal EIAs, fisheries & aquaculture, shrimp farm management, coastal zone management and planning, marine pollution, and institutional strengthening.

Feb - May 1996. Oman. Coral Reef Management Planner. Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Environment, Government of Oman. Leader of a four-person team surveying the health of coral reefs in Oman necessary for developing a coral reef management plan. A key feature of the survey work was training for Omani counterparts in coral taxonomy and survey techniques. Existing levels of damage, current threats and potential future impacts were assessed in five representative areas using rapid assessments, transect surveys and video.

Dec 95 – Jan 1996. Yemen. Coastal Environment Specialist. Ministry of Fish Wealth, Government of Yemen. Coastal resources specialist to assess habitats along the coast of the Gulf of Aden for IV Fisheries Development Project (World Bank and EC). Duties included training, assessments of habitats including reefs, rocky shores, seagrass beds and beaches at 15 km intervals over 1500km from the Red Sea to Oman. The results form the basis of a habitat classification of the Gulf of Aden coast, the first survey of this area.

Jan – Sept 1995. UK. Coastal Environment Specialist. National Remote Sensing Centre (NRSC). Duties included preparation of proposals on a range of environmental marine and aquatic resource management projects, preparing commercial bids.

July – Aug 1994. Sabah, Malaysia. Scientific AdviserSabah Parks Authority (SPA), Sabah State Government. Coral reef monitoring programme in a Marine Protected Area in an area of rapid coastal development. Implemented 3 projects – coastal water quality monitoring to assess the impact of dredging operations; Crown-of-Thorns Starfish Management Plan, and diver damage, Sipadan Island

April – May 1994. Thailand. Research Assistant. DFID (formerly ODA). UKODA project investigating the potential effects of global climate change on tropical coastal habitats. Using intertidal corals as bio-indicators of environmental stress, the effects of ultra violet light, heat stress and desiccation on pigment concentration and zooxanthellae were assessed.

Feb – March 1994.Republic of Maldives. Research Assistant. DFID (formerly ODA), UKAs part of the ODA Reef Rehabilitation Project, work was carried out to assess the efficiency of various artificial reef designs in rehabilitating denuded coral reef areas. Specific duties included investigating sediment dynamics to investigate low rates of coral recruitment.

Nov 93 & Nov 1994. Eritrea & UK – Research Assistant. Ministry of Marine Resources. Developed a Darwin Initiative project proposal: `Coastal Biodiversity and Resource-Use Conflicts along the Eritrean Coast: A Rapid Assessment’.

Nov 91 – May 1992. UK. Researcher & Technician. Zoological Collections, Oxford University Museum. Undertook identification of large collection of Sudanese Red Sea corals and Caribbean gorgonians and sponges.

July – Oct 1991. Sabah, Malaysia. Research Assistant. Sabah Parks Authority, Sabah State Government. Surveyed coral reefs in marine protected area as part of a monitoring programme undertaken by volunteers.

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