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Aquatonics Ltd have been involved in EIAs of three UK offshore wind farm proposals. The sites were:

  • Shell Flats, near Blackpool, Lancashire (client Metoc plc). Round 1
  • Gunfleet Sands, near Clacton, Essex (client Hydrosearch Associates Ltd). Round 1
  • Thanet, near Margate, Kent (client Posford Haskoning). Round 2

    The types of issues involved with offshore wind farms are familiar to us, as there are many similarities with the development of shallow water oil and gas reserves, eg

  • Conflicts with fishing
  • Navigation and safety issues
  • Impact on sediment transport
  • Impacts on benthic invertebrates
  • Disturbance to sea birds, and access to prey such as mussels
  • Visual intrusion
  • Underwater noise, eg during piling

    Offshore wind farms are, however, unusual because they may increase local diversity of benthic invertebrates and increase biomass of fish (through "reef" effects" and reduction in fishing effort).

    AQUATONICS can advise on the most appropriate methods for conservation assessment (invertebrates, birds, fish and marine mammals). We also advise on suitable baseline and post development monitoring techniques that will show any negative or positive impacts from the wind farm. We are highly experienced in dealing with regulatory bodies in the UK.

    If you need an environmental or ecological consultant for offshore wind contracts in the UK or abroad why not contact AQUATONICS to see if we can help you? Please email us at

    Our full address is:

    Aquatonics Ltd, Glenthorne, Searle Street, Crediton, Devon, EX17 2DB, UK.

    Tel (+44) (0)1363 776456 774656 Mobile 07971 258594.

    A very useful starting point for anyone interested in the UK offshore wind proposals is the Crown Estates web page, just click on UK OFFSHORE WIND

    If you would like information on the Environmental Impact Assessments we have worked on select EIAs.

    If you want information on the types of Ecological Surveys that we do select ECOLOGICAL SURVEYS.

    If you would like information on Marine Surveys select MARINE SURVEYS.

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